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Revolutionizing ALS Research:
Presenting 3D-3D NMJ-on-a-chip™ Breakthrough

Photo of Maria Castellanos-Montiel at the ALS Canada Research Forum in Toronto in April 2024

Congratulations to Maria Castellanos-Montiel for presenting her work at the ALS Canada Research Forum in Toronto over the weekend of April 27th-29th 2024. The conference was truly inspiring, featuring stories from individuals and families affected by ALS and showcasing the innovative approaches by Canadian researchers to understand and better treat this disease.

We're excited to support her project and groundbreaking ALS research with our custom-designed microfabricated 3D-3D NMJ-on-a-chip™ technology. Maria is the first researcher to co-culture iPSC derived motorneuron spheroids and 3D muscle microtissues in our specialized OMEGA devices that replicate the spatial gap between the spinal cord and muscles in the body.

👉 To learn more about Maria's research, download the PDF poster and watch the "one minute to win" video explaining her project.