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eNUVIO is Launching the EB-CLARIFY Device

Fully HTS-compatible embryoid body formation and processing microplate

Montreal, Canada, April 11th 2022 – eNUVIO officially announced the release of the EB-CLARIFY device, an all-in-one embryoid body (EB) formation,  processing, and imaging device that provides scientists with a complete solution to working with delicate spheroids. Conventional 3D culture workflows require the transfer of delicate spheroids between multiple single-purpose vessels, which often results in damaged spheroids. With the EB-CLARIFY, eNUVIO redesigned the entire workflow and completely eliminated the need for transferring spheroids, thereby protecting the integrity of these delicate structures throughout the entire experiment.

3D cell culture is quickly emerging as a powerful tool for safety pharmacology and drug screening purposes and the innovative EB-CLARIFY is poised to greatly increase the efficiency of using spheroids in drug discovery, efficacy and safety testing programs. The all-in-one microplate facilitates the adoption of spheroid and embryoid cultures in drug development by providing scientists with the ability to easily carry out multiple processing steps, sequentially and at scale,  using the same culture microplate. Specifically, this time-saving microplate is designed to carry out EB formation, spheroid growth, tissue clearing, immunolabeling and fluorescence imaging in large scale experiments or screening. The microplate features an ultra-thin, flat bottom, allowing for the acquisition of high-resolution images from cleared and/or immunolabeled spheroids using confocal microscopes or high-content screening platforms.


No Spheroid Transfer Necessary

To process spheroids without the risk of damage, each plate features 48 experimental units. The experimental unit consists of two adjacent wells positioned on different levels that are connected via microchannels. The higher-laying solution exchange chamber is exclusively used for adding and removing solutions that are necessary for processing the spheroids. The lower-laying spheroid chamber houses the 3D culture, which is completely safe from accidentally being removed from its well due to pipetting. With this unique design, all processing steps can be carried out without the need for any spheroid transfer. Conveniently, the EB-CLARIFY is compliant with the standard 96-well microplate format, making it fully compatible with automated lab equipment such as liquid handlers, plate hotels, and high-content screening imagers.


Microchannels for a Gentle Solution Exchange

The microfluidic channels between the two chambers limit the intensity of media changes and washing steps, protecting the integrity of delicate organoids. Conceptualized and developed together with their scientific partners, this unique two-chamber design has been optimized to allow for a disturbance-free yet time-efficient solution exchange in the spheroid chamber. As for other EB generation devices by eNUVIO, the spheroid chamber is parabolic-shaped enabling the highly reproducible growth of uniform spheroids right in the center of the well. 

“Working with spheroids can be quite challenging. It’s laborious, and it’s often expected that a number of spheroids will be lost due to the physical manipulation and multiple solution exchanges that are necessary to complete  an experiment with spheroids. The EB-CLARIFY solves these problems with its simple passive design,”

explains Mark Aurousseau, CSO and co-founder of eNUVIO, Montreal, Canada.



The EB-CLARIFY is the company's newest innovation; a product that will allow researchers around the world to efficiently work with spheroids of all kinds. Serving academic institutions, as well as CROs and private pharmaceutical companies, eNUVIO’s innovative products are aiming to accelerate  the drug development and discovery process in neuroscience so that novel and effective therapeutics  can be developed more quickly and efficiently.


EB-CLARIFY Specifications

  • 96-well format; 2 chambers per experiment
  • 48 chamber-pairs per microplate = 48 individual experiments per plate
  • Microplate structure material: Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS), biologically inert
  • Microplate outer dimensions: 127.7 x 85.4 mm
  • Well  pitch: 9 mm
  • Microplate height (w/o lid): 14.2 mm
  • Working volume: 280 µl
  • Microchannels/chamber-pair: 6
  • Microplate bottom thickness in spheroid chamber: ~450 µm
  • Shipped sterile
  • In-house production ensures high quality at all times
  • Sold directly through or via


About eNUVIO Inc.

eNUVIO creates cutting-edge lab-on-a-chip technologies for life science research. Co-founded in 2016 by Hugo McGuire (CEO; PhD physics), Mark Aurousseau (CSO; PhD pharmacology), and Élise Faure (COO; PhD physiology), eNUVIO operates at the interface of physics, engineering and life science and is committed to providing researchers with next-generation technologies to facilitate and accelerate scientific discovery. eNUVIO’s ready-to-go and customized products are designed to provide physiological relevance to experimentation, increase data output, reduce waste and cater to the needs and workflows of life science researchers. eNUVIO has developed a variety of first-in-class sophisticated microfabricated devices for medium- to high-throughput drug screening applications that include a series of neuronal compartmentalization devices as well as 3D cell culture and electrophysiology devices. All their products are designed, fabricated and manufactured in-house at their headquarters in Montreal, Canada.


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