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New Publication: Compartmentalised Microfluidic Devices for Drug Discovery in the Neurosciences

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Neurological disorders are incredibly complex, and this is reflected in the lack of knowledge of the underlying pathological mechanism for many of these diseases, and in turn to the slow speed at which novel drug targets are identified. In this article, Mark Aurousseau, eNUVIO's co-founder and CSO emphasizes the importance of novel microfabricated research technologies and tools to generate physiologically relevant models that ultimately facilitate and accelerate the drug discovery process.

Microfluidic technologies are simple tools that provide necessary sophistication to enhance the physiological relevance of neurological disease models. Microfluidic systems were largely incompatible with high throughput drug screening, precluding their implementation in the pharmaceutical industry. With recent advances in microfabrication methods, the combination of microfluidics and stem cell-derived neuronal culture technologies form a solid basis for generating powerful in vitro models of neurological disease.