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Nice study using our microfluidic Omega-4 devices

Schematic of neuronal microfluidic co-culture and compartmentalization device OMEGA-4 by eNUVIO used for uptake experiments. Neurons are seeded in the Treat and Report chambers. Potential therapeutics or other molecules can be added to the fluidically isolated chamber.

? Congrats to the authors of this collaborative work between Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Xuchang University and Tsinghua University. ?

In this research, the authors observed that “nanozyme can block prion-like spreading, which provides a proof of concept for nanozyme therapy. It is also anticipated that the biomedical application of nanozyme against prion-like spreading could be optimized and considered to be developed as a therapeutic strategy against parkinson’s disease, alzheimer’s disease, and other prion-like proteinopathies.”