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This product is discontinued and has been replaced by the EB-CLARIFY.


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The EB-PLATE is the only zero-waste spheroid microplate on the market! EB-PLATE inserts are made from silicone-based polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS), a biologically inert, durable and flexible polymer, which is autoclavable!  Follow the simple cleaning protocol outlined in the EB-PLATE user guide and reuse the device over and over! Say goodbye to wasting countless single-use plastic microplates to generate embryoid bodies!

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Our EB-PLATEs utilize the same great embryoid body-generating technology as our EB-DISKs, but are adapted to standardized microplate formats for automated handling. The 96-well microplate is great for screening purposes as well as smaller scale experiments. Use as many or as few wells of the plate as you need and don’t worry about throwing a barely used plate in the garbage, just reuse it!

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Microplate wells are prone to evaporation, especially those around the outer border of the plate. This can lead to unwanted variability in the data and even loss of cultures. As for our HTS-compatible neuronal co-culture device, the frame of the EB-PLATE features integrated reservoirs along the edges that can be filled with liquid, minimizing evaporation in the outermost wells of the plate. Maintain healthy cultures for longer!

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The smooth base of each well in the EB-PLATE is optically clear and has low auto-fluorescence, so that you can produce high quality images of the generated spheroids with ease using plate readers and high-content screening platforms. Do you want to take your imaging to the next level? Then make sure to learn more about the EB-CLARIFY all-in-one spheroid screening plate!

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You can choose between pre-treated EB-PLATEs with an ultra-low attachment (ULA) surface coating or follow a simple coating procedure outlined in the EB-PLATE user guide to do it yourself. If you want to generate, process and image spheroids without risking damaging the delicate 3D cultures and having to manipulate or transfer your EBs, our HTS-compatible EB-CLARIFY is for you! Also, make sure to check out our time- and space-saving EB formation devices from the EB-DISK series.

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The more you use the EB-PLATE, the cheaper it becomes! Just like a high-quality reusable water bottle costs more than a single-use plastic bottle, our reusable and virtually indestructible EB-PLATEs come in at a higher initial cost compared to single-use plastic microplates. However, after only five to eight uses the plates start paying for themselves, can be reused many times more and save so much plastic from ending up in the waste!


EB-PLATE (discontinued)

photo of eNUVIO's EB-CLARIFY, a 96 well plate for generating embryoid bodies and processing spheroids with any transfer necessary