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The new OMEGA-ACE-4mm is now available

Triple chamber neuronal microfluidic co-culture and compartmentalization device OMEGA-ACE-4mm starter kit by eNUVIO, inserted in 35mm petri dish with evaporation minimizer. Chamber #1 is labeled blue, chamber #2 is labeled green, chamber #3 is labeled red. Chambers are connected by microfluidic microchannels. The device comes pre-bonded, pre-wetted and ready to go. 1 device = 2 experiments.

Our newest addition to the OMEGAACE series is here! 🎉

We love to make your dreams come true. This time you asked us for a small triple chamber neuronal co-culture device featuring a wider and fully accessible middle chamber.

Just like the original OMEGAACE, the new OMEGAACE-4mm will allow you to perform in vitro triple co-culture studies. The 4mm wide middle chamber makes it ideal for studying neuronal propagation.

If you are interested in any of our products but they are not quite right for your research, don’t hesitate to contact us and ask for modifications. We’ll be happy to help 😁!