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eNUVIO is featured in StartUS insights

One of the “5 Top Lab-On-A-Chip Startups Impacting Engineering”

StartUS insights analyzed 90 Lab-on-a-Chip startups in the engineering sector. eNUVIO is featured as one of the 5 top solutions to watch out for! 

“eNUVIO – Micro-Fabrication For Life Science Research

Lab-on-a-Chip is gaining popularity due to its high cost-to-performance ratio and the potential of equipping devices with more features in a smaller form factor. Simultaneous advances in biotechnology, genetic engineering, genomics and in other life science areas have opened the door for tiny devices to provide users with a sophisticated analysis of their health. Innovations in the field of life sciences show accelerated performance and lower costs mainly because of Lab-on-a-Chip technology.

Canadian startup eNUVIO develops a patent-pending production process to create new equipment for life science research purposes, using Lab-on-a-Chip technology. Using several technologies like electrophysiology recording systems to 3D culture devices, they build infrastructure and patent-pending micro-fabrication methodology to produce an array of micro-fabricated products. The products increase experimental data output, reduce waste and minimize the requirement for technical expertise or lengthy training processes.”

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