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Live Cell Microscopy Adapter for OMEGA Devices


Adapt your OMEGA devices to your inverted microscope stage for high-quality live cell microscopy.

For optimal live cell imaging of our OMEGA devices, especially with larger oil immersion objectives featuring shallow taper angles, we highly recommend utilizing this specialized low-profile Live Cell Microscopy Adapter.

This carefully designed adapter offers a unique solution by:

  • providing ample clearance for the objective,
  • offering a sterile environment and
  • ensuring the stability of the OMEGA device during imaging.

The adapter is specifically designed to be reused, and can be sterilized using an autoclave or steam sterilizer. Additionally, with its footprint of a standard glass slide (75 x 25 mm), it seamlessly adapts to most microscope stages.

Effortlessly place your OMEGA device within the adapter.
Capture pristine images of your cultures.
Seamlessly return the device to your hood without compromising sterility!

This adapter can be used with standard 35mm culture dish lids.

OMEGA device and lid are not included.

Weight 0.02 kg
Dimensions 13 × 10 × 3 cm

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