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The first completely reusable 3D cell culture microplate on the market

Our EB-PLATE utilizes the same great embryoid body-generating technology as our EB-DISKs, but is adapted to standardized microplate formats for automated handling and screening purposes. This plate allows you to generate embryoid bodies, the necessary first step to growing larger self-assembled 3D cultures (spheroids or organoids) from stem cells. Owing to the unique geometry of each microwell, uniformly-sized spheroids can be generated with high reproducibility.

The EB-PLATE is virtually indestructible and completely reusable, making it the only environmentally friendly option on the market. Forget about throwing out single-use plastic plates for your EB generation! Simply regenerate the EB-PLATE following a simple rejuvenation protocol*. The new plates pay for themselves after approximately 5-8 uses, and can be reused many times more.

The smooth base of each well in the EB-PLATE is optically clear and has low auto-fluorescence, so that you can produce high quality images of the generated spheroids with ease using plate reader and high-content screening platforms.


EB-PLATE specifications:

  • 96 microwells/plate
  • Microplate outer dimensions: 127.7 x 85.4 mm
  • Chamber material: (PDMS), biologically inert, non-degradable
  • Microplate height (w/o lid): 14.2 mm
  • Microwell opening diameter: 6 mm
  • Microwell diameter at base: 900 µm
  • Microplate bottom thickness: 1 mm
  • Chamber volume: 170 µl
  • Chamber pitch: 9 mm
  • Anti-evaporation tracks along the sides
  • Shipped sterile
  • Autoclavable


*Renewal requires the use of some reagents not sold by eNUVIO

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 13 × 9 × 2 cm
ULA Coating

with ULA coating, without ULA coating

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